General terms and conditions

Condiciones Generales

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

1. Permitted use

This web site is available to users to consult guided tours available according to the date of the trip the client or sales prices and eventually make the reservation or purchase them according to the conditions stipulated herein.
The content, software, design of this website, as well as the logo and trademark of Trip Gran Canaria and and is owned by Bruno Knudsen Vizcaíno and are protected by copyright. Use fraudulent or contrary to law of the information appearing on the website for commercial purposes or any other will be pursued and reported to the competent authorities.
2. Conditions of Contract

2.1. The Trip Gran Canaria aims to offer to its clients a range of guided tours and excursions on the island of Gran Canaria in a comfortable and safe way, so, the hiring of transport services and the implementation of services have covered the relevant civil and legal liability insurance coverage.

2.2. Trip Gran Canaria reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel prices, schedules and itineraries of the programme and can be modified if circumstances imposed, in which case customer may elect to accept the changes that may occur, which will provide information prior to the service, or apply for a refund of the amount they had paid If applicable.

2.3. Once initiated the visit or excursion, all the components must undergo the proper discipline of the Guide, who has enough be empowered to introduce modifications they dictate or impose conditions, either for reasons of coincidence, both private or official order, and by others. The retirement or separation from the Group during the tour, for reasons not attributable to the Organization, is the loss of any right to claim full or partial or compensation.

2.4.  In the case of the reservation or hiring of the services of transport, restaurants, thema Parks, tickets Fred Olsen, Aquatic tours, Jeep safari, etc. Trip Gran Canaria, inform you that works as an intermediary between clients and the transportation company or any other providing agents for agreed services. No responsibility for delays, losses, accidents, damage and other irregularities that may occur.

2.5. All tours, guided tours or Sail Charter, groups, etc. will be carried out with a minimum of 2 up to 8 people. The inscriptions of these excursions represent compliance and acceptance of these conditions.

2.6. Exclusive services (individual tour or guided tour):
All members of the Group belong to a unique recruitment, this mode is recommended for those wishing to hire a guide exclusively for your visit or for groups exceeding 8 persons (see routes to the letter).
Its price may vary depending on the date and availability. A minimum amount to be traded may be required.

Routes a la Carte:

These are for individual recruitment or small groups (up to 50 people). Its price may vary depending on the date and availability. A minimum amount to be traded may be required.
In relation to hours in which we work and carried the routes shall be the following:
Morning service hours: 08:30 to 18:00. From that hour (18:00) will be considered night and will have a surcharge that you notify the client or group. Also for the bank holidays or Sundays, there will be a surcharge for the routes properly informing the client at the time of booking.

2.7.  Any of the places provided in the development of each of the tours or excursions of this program may be replaced by another similar category if force majeure or special circumstances require us to do so.

2.8.  The cancellation within 24 hours of departure will not lead to the return of the amount which has been paid for the pre-reservation.
3. Legal and jurisdiction

The website is controlled and managed by Trip Gran Canaria from the Main Office in Gran Canaria (Spain). Before any conflict with it or its misuse, the user is aware that the dispute shall be governed by and will be judged in accordance with the Spanish legislation.
3.1. Confidentiality and data protection

Trip Gran Canaria guarantees the security and confidentiality of the information you provide us. The information provided will be incorporated to a file to enable us to manage user requests. Trip Gran Canaria privacy policy statement provides details on the Spanish regulations on data protection.

3.2. The user gives their agreed consent to receive electronic communications with advertising and commercial news Trip Gran Canaria and the products or services which it comercializes or endorsement by registering your email address. Trip Gran Canaria makes available to users the means of contact referred to in the preceding paragraph so they revoke his consent form to be necessary for the adequate provision of their services.
3.3. Trip Grand Canaria is licensed for program and organize all activities of guided routes and excursions as well as tourist intermediation within the island, provided they do not involve the development or sale of a package with accomodation.
3.4. The user is responsible for providing correct data, especially address and e-mail delivery of orders and documents.
3.5. Few discrepancies they arise both parties submit to the courts and tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with express waiver of jurisdiction that may correspond to them.